Biscornu freebies

I was just doing a search in response to a request for biscornu freebies on a BB I visit and I found these two great sites, with loads of free biscornu patterns:

Aurelle – 14 designs
MissT – scroll down a bit – there are 3 pages of designs, including several biscornus

I thought these might be useful for anyone wishing to have a go at making their first biscornu, as the designs are quite small.  If you need instructions on how to make one, there are links on the Tutorial Links page

7 thoughts on “Biscornu freebies

  1. Oh my goodness! thank you for starting this blog and thank you, thank you for the biscornu links. I’ve been looking for a few patterns all week and not had much luck. You’ve really made my day. :o)

  2. Hi,
    I am looking for a pattern for a biscornu with surface embroidery……..not cross stitch. Anyone have any info about that??

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