Potential classes to be offered

So far we’ve had offers from 6 ladies to run classes on the following techniques:

  • Mailart (Barbara)
  • Pinkeeps (Nicki; who is also putting together a written tutorial for ribbon ruching, which will be available through the Tutorial links page)
  • Flanged pillows (Katrina ) See examples on Katrina’s blog here and in her photo album here and here
  • Embellished bag (Su) See example on Su’s blog here
  • Cube (Joanie)
  • “No-sew” Wallhanging (Helen) See example on Helen’s blog here

If you’re interested in learning any (or all! ;)) of these techniques, please can you leave a comment below, indicating the technique(s) you’re interested in, so we can get an idea of interest. We’re in the process of drafting up a schedule and hope to run the first class sometime in March.


29 thoughts on “Potential classes to be offered

  1. I’m interested in all of them. Thank you so much for starting this excellent resource for us. I will be using this site often. 🙂

  2. You’re asking us to choose?! Well, since mailart has been so fascinating to me, I’ll start with that, but am interesting in all of these offerings. 😀

  3. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful Blog.
    My choices: 1. “No-sew” wallhanging, 2. Cube, 3. Flanged pillows,
    4. Embellished bag, 5. Pinkeeps & ribbon ruching, 6. Mail art.
    But seriously, I’m sure I’ll read every detail of whatever you choose to provide.

  4. I am interested in all of these also. I also would like to know how to finish something heart shaped or octagonal. Thanks for all of your hard work!!!!

    Mindy 🙂

  5. all of the class ideas sound great! If I had to choose theone I was *most* interested it, it would probably be the flanged pillow.

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