Poll for Future Classes

In order to provide classes in the future that will appeal to the most people, it would be appreciated if you could complete two polls for us. 

Each poll gives a list of finishing techniques that we feel could be enjoyed, but the list is in no way exhaustive – if you have any other finishing methods/items that you would like to see included, please leave a comment with details and we’ll do our best to oblige.  Unfortunately WordPress won’t allow the poll codes in their posts, so I’ve had to create a separate blog in Blogger to host them.

After a while we’ll look at finding people to run each class or do them ourselves, and work out a schedule.  The classes mentioned previously (eg pinkeep, cube-it etc) are not included in this poll as they’ve already been discussed.

Thank you in advance for completing the polls – this will be a huge help in deciding which classes to run in the future.

Take me to the polls now!


Finish-along weekends

Apart from the classes for a specific technique, we also thought having a weekend set aside for finishing items would be a good idea.  So start going through that ‘to-be-finished’ pile, and start thinking about getting those items finished.  (I’m a great procrastinator for finishing items, so this is something I desperately need to do.)

We thought it could be a good chance for people to post photos of their completed projects, to give us all some inspiration, as well as provide support for each other.  The type of finishing would be personal choice, with no limits set.  So, let’s start digging out those FUFO’s (Finished Un-Finished Objects) and clear them out! 😀

We’ll make the finish-along weekends the 1st weekend of every month, so it’s easy to remember, and it doesn’t clash with our classes.  Due to people’s work schedules it will run from Friday through Sunday to give plenty of time for everyone to participate – we look forward to seeing you there with your wonderful finishes!

The dates for the rest of 2007 will be as follows:

2-4 March
6-8 April
4-6 May
1-3 June
6-8 July
3-5 August
7-9 September
5-7 October
2-4 November
7-9 December