It’s Finish-A-Long time!!

I can’t believe it, but the FAL weekend has arrived already!  I’m personally working bad shifts all weekend, so I’ll have precious time to do much finishing, but I hope to at least get one Christmas ornie dragged out of FUFO status and  promoted to “finished” status by Sunday night. 

I hope a few of you will join us in bringing one or two items out of the FUFO pile – and that you will post your finishes over the weekend for us all to share in the joy that comes in actually getting something finished! 😀

I look forward to seeing what you all achieve over the weekend 😀

2 thoughts on “It’s Finish-A-Long time!!

  1. I’m there! Can’t promise I’ll actually completely finish any of them if the sewing machine wins the argument but I will definately give it my best effort!

  2. Sewing machine is on the table… The stitching piece is finiched (for a while), only the strength to start is missing !

    But I promise I will finish something this week-end 😉 Probably a cussion…

    Just a question : how should we do to post our pics ? Did you mean here or on our blog ?

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