Poll results to date

I just thought I’d share the latest poll results as from a few minutes ago – thanks to everyone who has voted so far, it gives a better indication of where the greatest needs are, and we have something concrete to work from in the future šŸ˜€Ā  Don’t forget, though, you can still vote, as the polls will stay open for a while longer yet to give everyone a chance to vote for their favourite topics.

Without further ado, the polls results to date are as follows (in order of greatest number of votes first at the top of the list):

Lining a tin

28 votes
Mattress-style pincushion 27 votes
Needlebook (with needle pages) 24 votes
Needlecase (for needle packets) 24 votes
Stitcher’s bourse 24 votes
Emery strawberry 23 votes
Covered book 21 votes
Sewing pouch/purse 21 votes
Flat-fold 20 votes
Lining a basket 20 votes
Pillows – flanged 20 votes
Tassels 20 votes
Scissor case 19 votes
Ornaments – humbug 18 votes
Ornaments – pendibulle 18 votes
Tape measure cover 17 votes
Tin topper 17 votes
Tote bag 17 votes
Pillows – tuck 15 votes
Treat bag/sachet 15 votes
Cording 14 votes
Quilted wallhanging 12 votes
Bellpull 11 votes
Needleroll 11 votes
Biscornu 10 votes
Scissor fob – beaded 10 votes
Scissor fob – stitched 8 votes
Bookmarks 7 votes
Other (please leave a comment with details) 0 votes

3 thoughts on “Poll results to date

  1. This blog is such a great idea ! I voted other, but wasn’t able to leave a comment on the blogspot poll as I didn’t want to create a google account…

    So in the “other” section, I’d like a special class made by Karen to finish our Lavender rose sewing case lol !!! šŸ˜† Just a joke Karen šŸ˜‰

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