FAL weekend – KarenV

I decided to finish up a piece that I stitched a couple of weeks ago, Quaker Four Corners Sampler by The Goode Huswife. I made it into a mattress-style pincushion, the first time I’d finished anything in quite this manner. I used Vero M’s instructions, which are on the tutorial links page and they were very clear:

Quaker Four Corners Sampler

Quaker Four Corners Sampler

Thanks Anne for organising the FAL sessions 🙂 They’re a great motivator!


16 thoughts on “FAL weekend – KarenV

  1. Lovely colours and the pins really set it off, interesting finish don’t think I’ve seen one of these before! Thanks to you and Anne for organising this, great inspiration 🙂

  2. This is a method I really want to try. I love how it looks. Yours looks like you’ve been doing it for ages – great job!!

  3. karen,
    I have done the same design and since I stitched on a 28ct linen, it’t quite a big piece. However seeing your finishing as a mattress pincushion, I may consider doing the same. I did mine in OWS pinks. But yours were pretty in the colour of your choice plus your finished item is really pretty.

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  6. Where can you get neat pins for pinkeepers? I found some by Dritz that had large heads and nice colors, but these seem to be the only kind I can find. Are there any other types out there?

  7. I love this picushion! Lovely colors and wonderfully finished! Congratulations!
    I am looking for this “out of print” Goode Huswife Sampler chart everywhere through the web, but I am abandoning all hope to find it… :o(
    Congratulations again!
    Monica, Italy

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