Cindy’s tie-on pillow

Hi ladies. I managed to stitch this project this morning with Karen’s excellent tutorial! I was afraid there would be buttonholes or something complicated.

My sampler is an old Ewe & Eye pattern. The pillow measures about 11 x 6 inches.


It will be fun getting all these unfinished items transformed into projects like this one. Thanks again Karen, I’m glad I found this blog.



Margie’s tie-on pillow


This was a great class on tie-on pillows!  I had no trouble at all in making my first of what I’m sure are many.  I used my Flea Market Souvenir from Blackbird Designs to make mine.  I’m making a quilt so I used matching fabric so I can put this on my bed when the quilt is finished. 

Tie-On Pillow Class – Barbara J

I was really looking forward to Karen’s tie-on pillow class this morning. And as promised the instructions were up.

It took more time than expected but hey it’s my first! So much time taken to tie that darn ribbon and yet it doesn’t look half as good as Karen’s. I so like this finishing and this will definitely not be my last attempt! 🙂

Many thanks to Karen.

Tie-On Pillow