April FAL Weekend

Thanks Karen for giving me access to post here.

I decided to try and finish The Cat’s Whiskers’ Peacock Chair this weekend – definitely the most complicated finish I have ever attempted. The finishing itself took three days but only because I have a 22 month old daughter so I can only stitch when she’s napping – I’d estimate the total finishing time as 5-6 hours. The instructions included in the kit are incredibly comprehensive and easy to follow and I’ve stuck to the charted design, fabric and floss colours.

The finished stitching:

The first part of the finishing:

All the pieces completed:

The finished chair from the front:

The finished chair from the back:

9 thoughts on “April FAL Weekend

  1. Wow, Joy! What a fabulous finish. I love this design and can’t wait to stitch it myself, but the finishing looks like a lot to tackle. Congratulations on your great success!

  2. beautiful job! I had my supplies in my hands just two days ago but put it aside for something else – but now that I’ve seen your’s, I’m sure I’ll get to it soon.

  3. Joy your stitching chair is absolutely perfect – what a wonderful job you did of the finishing … all kudos to you! πŸ˜€ Personally I think when I finally get around to doing this, it’ll take me 5-6 days not hours ;P

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