Finished Bourse

Thanks to Isabelle, that has shared the bourse tutorial, I made that one this morning. I’m really happy with the result, it will go to my best friend who will have her birthday soon.

bourse closed

bourse opened

Happy stitching and sewing!

8 thoughts on “Finished Bourse

  1. It is absolutely gorgeous, Guisy, much prettier than the one I made for the tutorial for sure! 😆 The colours are stunning and your friend is going to be thrilled! Congratulations 🙂

  2. Thank you to all, I’ve really appreciate your compliments! Isa, your purse is beautiful too! Harmien… please continue on your project, I’m sure it’s not bad at all, and it will turn out lovely as well. I’ve just finished the house cleaning, next week, on 25th of May, I’ll have a surgery, and I’ll have 3 weeks of pain because it will be an hard surgery…. but then I will to contribute to this wonderful blog…. I’ll have time to thinking on what 😉 Have a nice week end.
    Love and Happy stitching, Giusy

  3. Your bourse is really special, your friend will love it, I really love the blue colours you chose. Best of luck with your surgery {{hugs}}.

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