A flower with heart – Lucialoo’s June FAL weekend

Today I finished this little needle holder for a friend’s birthday. As I’m quite sure she’s not comming here, I can show it to you right now 😉

I chose to stitch 2 little hearts from Corinne Rigaudeau. It is the same heart, more or less stitched and with my friends initials and my initials.

When you open it, it becomes a lovely flower where you can put your needles.

It was not very easy to sew curved, but I’m really pleased with the result. I hope my friend will like it as well.

12 thoughts on “A flower with heart – Lucialoo’s June FAL weekend

  1. I would like to make one of these, where would I find the information about it please, I think I have seen them before on a French blog/PCB website but cannot remember where now? Many thanks Helen

  2. Lenalou, I didn’t find them on a website but saw it in real when I met some other stitchers.

    I think I will do a little tutorial about it as several people asked me how to do it. Check back my blog in a few days 😉

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