Tie-On Pillow


This is Little House Needleworks Where There is Life finished off as a tie-on pillow using KarenV’s fantastic tutorial. Thanks Karen:)


New page – list of online suppliers

As this blog is all about providing a comprehensive information resource to do with all aspects of finishing, I’ve set up a page with links to online shops selling finishing supplies. This can be anything to do with finishing, including patchwork fabric, ribbons, pins, finishing tools and gadgets, bellpull hardware, etc. etc.

The list that I’ve started is obviously not exhaustive, it’s just that – a starting point. We would obviously like you to post your favourite online shops as well so that we can have as complete a list as possible, especially for items that are hard to get hold of locally.

If you have a favourite shop that isn’t already listed, please leave a comment here or on the online suppliers page with the following information:

Name of shop
Country that shop is based in
Finishing supplies that they sell
Payment method (e.g. PayPal, credit card)
Anything else you want to say about the shop

Please DO NOT post links to your favourite stitching shops unless they sell items that can be used for finishing. This is purely a listing of suppliers that sell items to help us to finish our stitching into a displayable form, rather than a list of stitching shops in general.

Also, please don’t include shops unless they have a website and they will ship internationally, as I want this list to be as widely accessible as possible.

Thanks and I hope you find the new page useful!