August FAL theme

The first theme for our new FAL themed months is stitching accessories!

This month’s class is a pinkeep, so we’ve decided to tie the theme in with the class, so that people who want to do the class will have a chance to participate. However, we’ve decided to expand the theme to include all types of stitching accessories, such as scissor fobs, biscornu, needlecases, scissor cases, pincushions, tape measure covers and needlerolls, so there are plenty of finishing choices.

I’ll post some tutorial links and pictures of finished accessories to (hopefully) give you some inspiration in separate posts below.

Happy finishing!


2 thoughts on “August FAL theme

  1. Thank you so much for doing the pinkeep as a class! I’m working on a set of smalls right now as a Christmas gift for my mother, and a pinkeep will fit in nicely.

  2. I have the set of Just Cross Stitch ornaments from With My Needle to finish. That is the project I will work on this month. First I ned to finish all hte backstitching and then the construction.

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