6 thoughts on “New tutorial – fabric basket

  1. Thank you so much Barbara for writing this tutorial. Ever since seeing a couple of these finished baskets I have been wanting to try one myself. 😀

  2. Hi again Barbara: I just read over your tutorial and I am a little uncertain about steps 1 and 2. How do you stitch the stitched piece to the fabric? How much fabric do you need to have for the stand up borders of the basket? Also in step 2, how do you stitch the backing fabric on and leave a slit in it to insert the cardboard?
    Thank you for any help you can offer. 😀

  3. Hi Anne,

    To answer your queries:

    Step 1:
    – You cut 4 strips of fabric (2 pcs for left & right, 2 pcs for top & bottom)

    – I have allowed 2″ for the stand up borders so I’ve cut my fabric 3″ wide (2″ + 1″ for the seam allowance)

    – Next you machine stitch the left and right fabric pieces to your stitched piece and then machine stitch the top and bottom.

    – This whole step will not be necessary if you have allowed a very generous allowance of linen around the stitched piece.

    Step 2:
    – You cut up the same number and size of fabric pieces as in step 1 plus another piece for the base which is the same size as your stitched piece. Please remember to allow additional fabric for seams.

    – Next you machine stitch the right piece completely to the base fabric, then machine stitch the left piece at 2 places i.e. only where the top and bottom fabric (of the left piece) overlaps the base fabric. hence you’ll have a hole.

    – Proceed with machine stitching the top and bottom pieces.

    I hope my explaination helps, if I am still unclear please let me know again and I’ll try to explain it again.

    Thanks Karen for letting me know of Anne’s queries, I would not have check the comments section of this post.

  4. Thank you Karen very much for passing on my questions to Barbara. Sorry Barbara, I should have left my questions on your blog and will do so from now on if I need any more help with the basket. Thank you for the explanations. I am looking forward to giving this basket a try in the very near future. 😀

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