Kudos or Complaints?

It’s that time of year when we’re starting to put our heads together from the admin side of things for future months of the Focus on Finishing blog.  And perhaps it’s time we ask for some feedback from you all whether there are parts of the blog you dislike, or don’t use much – or if there are parts of the blog you love to death, and would like to see more of … also if there is anything we haven’t thought of, and you’d love to see added.  We’d love some feedback, good, bad or indifferent, so we know we’re on the right track … or whether we’ve gone slightly off the rails …

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking into possible tutors for upcoming classes – using the results of the survey when we first opened up the blog for business.  Some of the classes we plan to teach ourselves, some we’ll be asking for volunteers, and some people we think would be just perfect for a particular technique, so we’ll be approaching those people directly while keeping our fingers and toes crossed 😉

A HUGE thank you for those of you who have run classes for us already this year, without whom the blog would be a tad boring!  And another round of thanks go to those of you who take the time to post your finishes for us all to see – when we see people participating that way it’s more motivating for us to continue, as at least we can see the tutorials are being useful.

Don’t forget it’s a very simple process to sign up for posting – you just need to set up a WordPress account (no blog at all is needed), then drop one of us an email (links in the sidebar) requesting to be added as an Author, and Bob’s your Uncle!

Now, don’t forget, put your thinking caps on and give us that feedback – any different classes you want to see?  Any tutors you think would be wonderful?  Anything you would like to see being done differently?  Anything extra you would like to see?  Want to know what the winning Lotto numbers are??  OK, so we can’t help you with that last one, but we would seriously love the feedback 😀

Hugs to you all,