Kudos or Complaints?

It’s that time of year when we’re starting to put our heads together from the admin side of things for future months of the Focus on Finishing blog.  And perhaps it’s time we ask for some feedback from you all whether there are parts of the blog you dislike, or don’t use much – or if there are parts of the blog you love to death, and would like to see more of … also if there is anything we haven’t thought of, and you’d love to see added.  We’d love some feedback, good, bad or indifferent, so we know we’re on the right track … or whether we’ve gone slightly off the rails …

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking into possible tutors for upcoming classes – using the results of the survey when we first opened up the blog for business.  Some of the classes we plan to teach ourselves, some we’ll be asking for volunteers, and some people we think would be just perfect for a particular technique, so we’ll be approaching those people directly while keeping our fingers and toes crossed 😉

A HUGE thank you for those of you who have run classes for us already this year, without whom the blog would be a tad boring!  And another round of thanks go to those of you who take the time to post your finishes for us all to see – when we see people participating that way it’s more motivating for us to continue, as at least we can see the tutorials are being useful.

Don’t forget it’s a very simple process to sign up for posting – you just need to set up a WordPress account (no blog at all is needed), then drop one of us an email (links in the sidebar) requesting to be added as an Author, and Bob’s your Uncle!

Now, don’t forget, put your thinking caps on and give us that feedback – any different classes you want to see?  Any tutors you think would be wonderful?  Anything you would like to see being done differently?  Anything extra you would like to see?  Want to know what the winning Lotto numbers are??  OK, so we can’t help you with that last one, but we would seriously love the feedback 😀

Hugs to you all,

12 thoughts on “Kudos or Complaints?

  1. Once someone gets the basic pinkeep or flat ornament done, how about some ideas (and how to do) different edging finishes. Ruched ribbon, twisted ribbon, bows, bead trims, etc. I would love to have a resource for ideas that would give me a start.

    A friend did a needlecase (book) of felt pages with a spine. The spine was linen and easy. (fold fold glue). I have one at home to illustrate.

    The way the blog is set up is great and the pictures are clear. I am still a novice regarding the posting bit and hubby helps.

    How about a class on a bag finish with two or three ways fo doing the cording, inside a casing at the top, in thread loops on the outside, casing down from the top, etc. Here the measurements are critical. I never know ahead of time how much to allow. Maybe how to take a small design and make it bigger with fabric stripes and then turn it into a bag.

    I have checked out most of your links and shared with all my stitching friends. Great idea.

  2. I’ve referred to the FoF blog several times and find it invaluable and easy to use – so kudos to you Anne and Karen for setting it up! Respect is due also because I know it must take quite a bit of your time to organise and you’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it. And thanks also to the tutors who have spent time sharing their skills. (I’m hoping to be able to post a photo of a finished pinkeep soon!)

    With regard to more ideas – erm, I’m happy with anything really as I am just beginning to learn about finishing techniques so it’s all new to me!

    I guess it may be useful for you to know why I might not be participating more than I do, as I do love it, and the reason is simply lack of time on my part. For that reason too, I would be hesitant to nominate anyone as a tutor as I wouldn’t want to put pressure on anyone else!

    You certainly have saved my time, because if this wasn’t here I’d be trawling the blogs to find finishing ideas and struggling to see how people had done things. I think this is probably one of the best stitching resources I’ve come across. If I had any skills I’d be happy to offer them, unfortunately I’m not that experienced – yet! I guess the only thing I can offer is payment! I’d be happy to contribute to a thank-you gift for anyone tutoring or to yourselves for running it?

  3. I think you’ve done a wonderful job setting this up and running it! It’s invaluable and I’m sure loads of people are using it but maybe not posting so much.

    I’m going to try making a pinkeep with fabric sides at some point (like the one in Blackbird Designs’ With Needle and Thread), so if it works I’ll take piccies for another class if you’d like. Not sure when I’ll get round to it though 🙂

  4. I love this blog. It is one of my favourite places to check on a regular basis. I am new at finishing techniques and find this blog extremely useful both for the list of links to finishing techniques and the wonderful tutorials offered. I apreciate the clear step by step instructions with photos. I have recommended this site to my stitchy friends. Recently I have seen some of those great finished baskets. I would love to see a tutorial on making those. Another tutorial I would like to see is making a mattress style pincushion. Anything you offer here is very useful to me and although I don’t post a finish every month this is the first place I come to get a tutorial. Thank you both Anne and Karen for setting up and maintaining this blog. Without this I wouldn’t have had the courage to try anything new. I have some favourite “finishers” that I would love to see do a tutorial here. They are: BeckySC (I love her finishes!), CarolS, Vonna, Susimac, and MaryKathryn, and of course KarenV. 😀

  5. The only problem with this blog is that I need more time to do finishing! I love that I can come here for links on tutorials and for finishing classes. I love that I get inspired to do new finishing techniques. I just wish I had more time to do them. I so appreciate you and Karen both for setting this up and maintaining it.

  6. I’m a recent reader of this blog and so far, I think it is fabulous. I think it will only get more valuable as time goes on and you have more resources. More classes sounds like a great idea. Keep up the good work!

  7. I think the idea – and execution – of this blog is excellent – thanks to the owners and all the people that run classes!

    I’d love a tutorial on tuck pillows and tuck banners, as I seem to have forgotten what I did know if going by my struggles earlier this week are a guide! :o)

  8. I really love this blog and it’s a great reference, starting point, when I am having a hard time deciding how to finish a piece. Than you so much for all you do!

  9. Thank you so much for organizing and starting this blog and for keeping it up so nicely. And thank you to the tutors for their time and efforts also and thank you to all who post.
    I check here regularly and am happy to see and to learn ANY finishing techniques.

  10. J’ai découvert ce blog depuis quelques jours seulement, mais je l’adooooooore!….Un seul problème: il va falloir que je change mon ordinateur qui est beaucoup trop lent pour que je puisse admirer plus de choses quand je viens en visite sur ce blog…. !!!
    Continuez comme ça, c’est super!…. Peut-^tre un jour posterai-je moi aussi ici ????
    En attendant, je viens et j’admire. Merci pour ces merveilles à admirer.

  11. So far I have to say I love everything! 🙂 I read all the lessons even if I’m not planning on finishing something off in that way – the tips carry over into other things. I love to hear ideas on lacing the backs of things – I did it for the first time but I wasn’t sure if I did it correctly or not. The front looked ok but the lacing! Oh my!

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