Next year’s tutorials

Just a quick post to touch base regarding the planning of next year’s tutorials.  Karen and I have been looking at potential tutors for the list of tutorials we have on request from the survey you completed at the creation of this blog.

What I’d also love to know is whether, since that survey was taken, there are any other topics you’d like to see covered.  If there is a specific technique you’ve seen on someone’s blog or website, and you’d love to know how to do it yourself, please leave a comment with the blog details and the project, and I’m more than happy to contact the blog owner to see if they would be willing to run a tutorial for us all.

Likewise, if you are familiar with any of the techniques from our previous survey, and you’d like to offer your services to write up a tutorial, we’d be thrilled to hear from you … as the time will be arriving very very soon to start coordinating class times for next year (I know, I can’t believe it myself!).

Thanks again for your continued support of the blog – we look forward to another great year of learning and sharing 😀

Anne S

PS:  Here are the results of the previous survey for your information (since then the bourse and flanged pillow tutorials have already taken place – and I have a needleroll tutorial sitting in the wings ready for next year).

Lining a tin

51 votes
Mattress-style pincushion 41 votes
Stitcher’s bourse 39 votes
Needlebook (with needle pages) 38 votes
Pillows – flanged 38 votes
Emery strawberry 35 votes
Sewing pouch/purse 34 votes
Lining a basket 33 votes
Needlecase (for needle packets) 33 votes
Covered book 31 votes
Flat-fold 31 votes
Scissor case 31 votes
Tassels 31 votes
Ornaments – pendibulle 27 votes
Pillows – tuck 26 votes
Tin topper 26 votes
Tote bag 26 votes
Ornaments – humbug 25 votes
Cording 24 votes
Tape measure cover 24 votes
Treat bag/sachet 23 votes
Bellpull 20 votes
Scissor fob – stitched 19 votes
Biscornu 18 votes
Scissor fob – beaded 18 votes
Quilted wallhanging 17 votes
Needleroll 15 votes
Bookmarks 9 votes
Other 1 vote

8 thoughts on “Next year’s tutorials

  1. How about making a strawberry ornament? Like that BD ornie from the 2006 JCS ornaments issue? I’ve looked and looked at the directions in the magazine, and it may as well be written in Greek. 😉

  2. Anne, I still cannot thank you and Karen enough for starting and continuing this blog. So many stitcher’s refer to this blog constantly for inspiration, links and tutorials. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I would definitely like to see the mattress style pincushion covered at some point, and also a tin or box topper and lining.

  3. Thank you so very much for this blog – the tutorials are great for learning and I also find a lot of inspiration (and motivation, too!) I am -and will be- happy with intstructions for all projects listed. Also, I like duplications as sometime a photo or a sentence is just a bit different and help me to “get it”.
    Thank you again.

  4. I could do a flatfold for you and a strawberry ornament (following Barbara’s request above, but not the emery one), and a humbug.

    In fact, I have a humbug tutorial on my blog that I could easily transfer to here for a November class if you wanted. Just in time for Christmas 🙂

    And maybe I could do a hemstitched bellpull but let me see if I have anything suitable to turn into one 🙂 Same for a mattress pincushion 🙂

    I’d love any fool-proof ideas to doing a box/tin top as mine have always turned out a bit ropey!

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