Latest tutorials added & Stitcher’s Books

Just a quick note to say the following tutorials have all recently been added to the Tutorial Links page:

Also, there a couple of beautiful finished Stitcher’s Books here that are worth checking out for some exquisite eye candy! 😀

If you still haven’t seen enough, check out the Photo Gallery here.

And if you now have the urge to make your own stitcher’s book, there is a tutorial here prepared by the talented Leena.


Requests for tutors & future classes

You may remember we held the poll early last year regarding what finishing classes you would like to see as a tutorial.  As a reminder, the following list will show which items were requested.  I have split the group into two separate lists – the first list covers those items where we have had tutors recommended and I am contacting already, the second list covers those that I would dearly love to have volunteers to help me out.

Tutors already being approached:

  • *  Lining and Tin / Tin Topper (combining two topics into one tutorial)
  • *  Lining a Basket
  • *  Mattress-style Pincushion
  • *  Needlebook (with needle pages)
  • *  Emery Strawberry
  • *  Sewing Pouch/Purse
  • *  Flat-fold
  • *  Scissor Case
  • *  Tassels
  • *  Cording
  • *  Ornaments – Pendibulle, Humbug, Rectangular, Pillows etc
  • *  Tote Bag
  • *  Bellpull
  • *  Biscornu
  • *  Scissor Fob (stitched)
  • *  Needleroll
  • *  Stitcher’s Tray (new subject being requested)

Classes where I need tutors to volunteer:

  • *  Tape Measure Cover
  • *  Needlecase (for needle packets)
  • *  Covered Book
  • *  Pillows – Tuck
  • *  Treat Bag/Sachet
  • *  Scissor fob (beaded)
  • *  Quilted Wallhanging
  • *  Bookmarks

Lastly, there is a final question for you:

“What other finishing techniques would you like to see on the blog?  This can be an actual product (eg pinkeep, scissor fob etc) or a technique used as part of the finishing process (eg whipstitching, joining sides/seams together, cording etc).  Whatever you can think of that you would like to see, I’ve love to know about it.”

A couple of polls and requests for feedback

Unfortunately WordPress won’t allow polls on their blogs, so I’d appreciate it if those who want to vote could leave a comment, especially regarding the future hosting of this blog.

Karen and I have previously discussed that this blog gets far less contributions by people posting their finishes, than any of the blogs on Blogspot.  While personally I prefer WordPress as a blogging platform, there are a greater number of Blogger blogs out there than WordPress.  So, I put the following question to you:

“Would you prefer this blog to be hosted on Blogger or WordPress, and if moved would you be more likely to contribute by way of posting your finishes or would this not be a factor?”

The next question is related to upcoming tutorials, so I’ll raise a separate post for that question.

Thanks in advance for your time in giving feedback, it’s much appreciated.

In the meantime, I hope you like the new format – hopefully this makes the text a bit larger and easier to read 🙂


Welcome to 2008 – Happy New Year!!!

First of all let me apoloise for the lack of action on this blog in recent months – unfortunately I’ve had intermittent access to the internet after moving all my belongings into storage and housesitting around various parts of Melbourne.  Then about 7 weeks ago I packed up the car and moved interstate to New South Wales, where I’m now living for the next 12 months on a work secondment.  I’ve been staying with friends who live an awfully long way from my place of work, meaning a 3 1/2 hour commute each day, and leaving absolutely no time for stitching, never mind blogging!

The good news is that in 13 sleeps time, I will be freighting all my furniture and belongings up from Melbourne, and moving into a new flat only 20 minutes drive from work.  That means I can finally start getting back into the swing again of stitching, blogging, and life in general … and it’s time to blow the cobwebs off this blog to get it up and active once again! 🙂

Emails are slowly winging their way across the oceans to various people that have been suggested as possible upcoming tutors.  As soon as they’re confirmed, I will add dates and details to the calendar of classes.  It’s hoped to have two tutorials per month this year.  As I’ve been out of action for the last few months, I decided to put together a tutorial myself on Needlerolls – this will be published over the next few weeks.

There are still a number of areas where we don’t have recommended tutors for – I will make a separate blog entry in a moment to see if there are any volunteers out there in blogland that would be willing to assist.

Thanks for your patience while I’ve been struggling with access issues etc – I hope the blog will become more active again as we move into 2008.