Latest tutorials added & Stitcher’s Books

Just a quick note to say the following tutorials have all recently been added to the Tutorial Links page:

Also, there a couple of beautiful finished Stitcher’s Books here that are worth checking out for some exquisite eye candy! 😀

If you still haven’t seen enough, check out the Photo Gallery here.

And if you now have the urge to make your own stitcher’s book, there is a tutorial here prepared by the talented Leena.

5 thoughts on “Latest tutorials added & Stitcher’s Books

  1. Got your email, yes, I can post a tutorial on tassles and I owe you a cube tutorial too!

    I know that March and September and the first 2 weeks of October will not be good for me because of work committments. Please let me know when you would like me to post the tassles tutorial. Thanks!

  2. When i first found Focus on Finishing I thought It meant getting things finished….not necessarily making the finished item, but finishing the actually stitching. How about a bi monthly sitch together where we cheer people along even if the only stitched a couple of stitches.

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