Requests for tutors & future classes

You may remember we held the poll early last year regarding what finishing classes you would like to see as a tutorial.  As a reminder, the following list will show which items were requested.  I have split the group into two separate lists – the first list covers those items where we have had tutors recommended and I am contacting already, the second list covers those that I would dearly love to have volunteers to help me out.

Tutors already being approached:

  • *  Lining and Tin / Tin Topper (combining two topics into one tutorial)
  • *  Lining a Basket
  • *  Mattress-style Pincushion
  • *  Needlebook (with needle pages)
  • *  Emery Strawberry
  • *  Sewing Pouch/Purse
  • *  Flat-fold
  • *  Scissor Case
  • *  Tassels
  • *  Cording
  • *  Ornaments – Pendibulle, Humbug, Rectangular, Pillows etc
  • *  Tote Bag
  • *  Bellpull
  • *  Biscornu
  • *  Scissor Fob (stitched)
  • *  Needleroll
  • *  Stitcher’s Tray (new subject being requested)

Classes where I need tutors to volunteer:

  • *  Tape Measure Cover
  • *  Needlecase (for needle packets)
  • *  Covered Book
  • *  Pillows – Tuck
  • *  Treat Bag/Sachet
  • *  Scissor fob (beaded)
  • *  Quilted Wallhanging
  • *  Bookmarks

Lastly, there is a final question for you:

“What other finishing techniques would you like to see on the blog?  This can be an actual product (eg pinkeep, scissor fob etc) or a technique used as part of the finishing process (eg whipstitching, joining sides/seams together, cording etc).  Whatever you can think of that you would like to see, I’ve love to know about it.”


8 thoughts on “Requests for tutors & future classes

  1. Coming up with new ideas of what can be done with the little things that are crossed stitch is my suggestion. Happy Stitching Hugs, Kathy

  2. Hi Anne. I haven’t made any of the things that you still need tutors for, so I don’t think I would be of much help there.

    However, I have made a tutorial for No-Sew Cubes. I think one was supposed to be posted here quite a while back but the original person became ill. As far as I’m aware, it was never posted. You can see mine here. I wouldn’t mind cross posting it here if you’d like.

  3. I could do a tutorial on a needlecase and/or treat bags/sachets. And if you don’t find anyone else, I’d be willing to tackle one for the tape measure cover…I haven’t done one before but I have ideas and I think I can figure it out.

  4. In addition to all the wonderful tutorial suggestions here, I would like to see a tutorial on framing a piece of stitching. Framing is very expensive and I would like to try and do some of my own but have no idea where to start. 🙂

  5. Hi.
    I am with Lee who posted that she needs to learn how to do a beaded edge. I would love to put beads on the edge of a biscornu. I can not figure out how to do it, short of finishing the entire piece and then stitching them on. If you can help that would be fabulous. Thank you so much! J. Lee

  6. I would love to know how to finish a Bourse (sp). I have seen several wonderful finished ones and would love to try one for myself. Thanks, Kathy

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