Needleroll Tutorial – Materials List


*  Piece of stitching
*  Sewing pins
*  Cotton for stitching seams (to match fabric colour – if you’re using a sewing machine, this should be sewing machine thread)
*  Cotton floss for hem-stitching (either same colour as fabric, or as a contrast)
*  Ribbon (I prefer 1/4″ ribbon, but any width is suitable)
*  Stuffing (eg Polyfil)

Your fabric and stitching can be a variety of sizes, but preferably fabric should be approx 20-21cm (8-9″) x 25-26cm (10-11″).

There are many designers who have needleroll designs – The Victoria Sampler, Shepherd’s Bush, Jeannette Douglas, Eventide Designs, The Sweetheart Tree, just to name a few.  There are also a number of freebie designs available – if you would like some freebie addies, please leave a comment and I’ll locate them from my favourites for you 🙂 

The Needleroll class will be held during the weekend 26-27 January 2008.  That gives just under two weeks for anyone who would like to join in with the class to get a piece of stitching ready.  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any questions you my have with the materials list.  I look forward to holding the class in two weeks time! 😀

Please bear with me if I’m a bit slow responding with any queries during this week, as I’m moving house in two days time.  I will still be checking emails daily, though, assuming my internet connection will be working in the new flat!


10 thoughts on “Needleroll Tutorial – Materials List

  1. Thanks so much Anne for having this tutorial for us! I have been wanting to try a needleroll for ages but have been too chicken! I have my design all picked out and ready to start. 🙂

  2. Hi Anne, I love the design in you needle roll, please tell us who it is by. I hope to get something stitched by then. Kathy in Adelaide

  3. when you say Cotton for stitching seams (to match fabric colour) and Cotton for hem-stitching (either same colour as fabric, or as a contrast) do you mean cotton thread or are you talking about something else?


    Oh, I’d love to know the snowman pattern you used as well. Very cute!

  4. A couple of you have asked who the designer of this particular needleroll is – this is Snowfall Needleroll by Shepherd’s Bush. To be honest I think it looks a bit skimpy on the sides of the fabric (ie the amount of fabric allowance left next to the stitching) so this particular needleroll will only have a single seam – I’ve actually used a different needleroll design for the tutorial itself … I just forgot to take a ‘materials’ photo, so had to whip something up with another needleroll, and I just happened to have this one on hand unfinished 🙂

    Sorry I wasn’t very clear on the materials list for “cotton” – I use a sewing machine to do my seams, so if you’re following the same method you’d need a sewing machine thread to match the needleroll fabric. I usually use cotton floss (DMC etc) for the hemstitching.

    Feel free to ask any more questions – I’m now at ‘home’ permanently and have good internet access on my mobile modem here, so I can more regularly access emails and have time to answer them (although I’m waiting for my furniture to arrive from Melbourne, so that might keep me out of a mischief a bit during the day for a while!).

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