Freebies & Links for Needlerolls


A couple of you have requested freebie links to needleroll designs, so here are a few I’ve managed to come up with for you: 

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If you just want to look at some needleroll eye candy, check out this website from a French exchange group … it shows how versatile the humble needleroll is, in that any small design is suitable for use! 🙂

Also, check out the Katrina’s Webshots album – note that Katrina has stitched many of the Sweetheart Tree needlerolls, which are stunning, and there are no pictures on the Sweetheart Tree website.  These designs are just printed on plain cardboard with no piccies and are quite cheap to buy – if they had photos somewhere I’m sure their sales would soar!  I’ve always thought of Katrina as the “Queen of Needlerolls” so her album is well worth a visit 🙂

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And if you want to check out some published designs specifically for needlerolls, here are a few starting points (this list is in no way exhaustive, but these designers have been chosen for the variety of needleroll designs they have published):

  • Shepherd’s Bush(scroll down the page to the needlerolls)
  • The Victoria Sampler(select “VS Site Search” and type in “needleroll” for the quickest way to find all the needleroll designs)
  • M Designs (the link should take you to the needleroll page)
  • Heart in Hand Needleart– look for the “fobs” designs, also those designs such as “Acorn Sampler” would be a good size to turn into a needleroll
  • Sekas & Co(mini sampler-type needlerolls – mainly alphabets)
  • Jeannette Douglas– Jeannette has some lovely needleroll designs, but the new website design is a pain to navigate – this link takes you to the Mini Topiary series, or the Seasonal series (my personal fave is Summer at the Ocean).  Also don’t forget she has some beautiful ornament needlerolls in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issues.

Other designers that have older designs no longer current (you could check out Ebay) is Liz Navickas and Lorri Birmingham (you can see some of Lorri’s designs through Hoffman Distributors) – both have some lovely needleroll designs.

* * * * * * * * * *

If that isn’t enough for you, here are photos of some of the needlerolls I’ve personally stitched and finished … I hope everything today has whetted your appetite for more!  I look forward to seeing you at the end of the month for the class 🙂

planted hearts needleroll finished Love needleroll by Jeannette Douglas Designs - from 2005 JCS Christmas ornie issue Spring needleroll by Lorri Birmingham Melanie's Exchange for SBEBB Strawberry Needleroll Needleroll Exchange for Nicki Thisbe's needleroll

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