Tuck Pillow Tutorial

Next weekend will be our tutorial on making tuck pillows.  Tuck pillows are very versatile. They can be stuffed like a pillow or left flat. They can be used for Christmas ornaments and hung on a tree, or used as a door hanger. This tuck pillow tutorial will be for a flat door hanger about 7″ square. Instructions to calculate other sizes will be included in the tutorial.

You will need:

  • Your stitched piece (duh!)
  • Fabric for your pillow – a fat quarter should be plenty unless you’re making something bigger than 9″
  • Scrap of neutral fabric for the back of the opening – calico, muslin, homespun
  • Fusible fleece wadding – same size as your pillow. You can use a non-fusible batting if you prefer. Something not too thick is best.
  • Cord for hanging
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread/scissors etc

I’ll be back next weekend with the tutorial!


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