Treat Bag Tutorial

Here is the wonderful Treat Bag Tutorial put together by Celeste – I think you’ll all agree that it’s a real stunner, and the instructions put together are superb!

Due to the difficulties of learning to use the WordPress platform, and to allow us to get this published on time, this tutorial has been prepared in a .pdf format.  Hopefully I can work out myself how to get this file attached here so you can download it! 😉

As always, please feel free to leave any questions and/or feedback in the comments section of this post.

Enjoy! 🙂

Treat Bag Tutorial instructions are here (please click for .pdf).


14 thoughts on “Treat Bag Tutorial

  1. Anne and Celeste,
    This is a great turotial. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate all the work that went into making it. The .pdf format is a geat idea.


  2. This is a beautiful piece – the needlelace flowers are gorgeous and the finishing instructions excellent. A great idea to put them on pdf. Any chance of instructions for the flowers?

  3. One f the most wonderful tutorial!!!!!!! Thanks so much: this treat bag is so cute! And the pdf format is great, because I can store it and have it forever!

  4. Great tutorial with wonderful close-up pictures for those of us who haven’t used those stitches extensively. This is a lovely bag! Thanks!

  5. poznam pania szyjaca pachwork –moja pasja sa hafty i zbieran ksiazki z haftami–prosze o kontakt.—anna

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