Welcome to Focus on Finishing!

This blog has been set up as a resource both for stitchers who already enjoy finishing their own stitching creatively and want to develop and share their skills and also for those stitchers who would love to do so but don’t know where to start. It aims to be a place where you can learn new techniques, receive and give finishing help and advice and share pictures of your finished items with everyone. It also aims to provide a centralised information resource of finishing techniques, with pages dedicated to both tutorial links and links to websites/online albums for inspiration.

We hope to organise regular finishing tutorials where people can learn specific finishing techniques and use those skills to finish up some of those stitched-but-not-yet-finished projects.

If you have any finishing techniques that you’d like to see a tutorial for, please feel free to leave a comment with the details and I will try to assist.

I hope you enjoy your time here and find the information useful!

Kind regards,


7 thoughts on “About

  1. you have no idea how much I really appreciate this blog, I love everything you have posted and as for the pictures and the writing you just make everything so clear THANK YOU so much

  2. Hello, Anne! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and talent. Your instructions are very clear. I came across your site looking for a beaded purse
    zipper pull. Not much information out there for a simple beaded strand for a beginner like me. The key fob for the scissors looks very easy. My question is, would
    it work as a zipper pull on a zipper that’s on a purse?
    Thank you, Anne!

    • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Fran. The instructions would definitely work for a zipper pull, you’ll just have to make the length of the beaded string shorter 🙂
      Kind regards,

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