A flower with heart – Lucialoo’s June FAL weekend

Today I finished this little needle holder for a friend’s birthday. As I’m quite sure she’s not comming here, I can show it to you right now 😉

I chose to stitch 2 little hearts from Corinne Rigaudeau. It is the same heart, more or less stitched and with my friends initials and my initials.

When you open it, it becomes a lovely flower where you can put your needles.

It was not very easy to sew curved, but I’m really pleased with the result. I hope my friend will like it as well.

Lucialoo’s FAL weekend

I finally finished my stitcher’s case ! I don’t know why, but today was absolutely disastrous ! I sew and unpicked this quite simple case at least 7 to 10 times ! I was screaming against my future DH, my cat und this bloody sewing machine ! But most of all I was really fed up with the french book where I took the design, because their explanations were so poor !

But let’s stop complaining and start admiring lol !!! It will be a gift, but I won’t tell you the name of the recipient 😉

FAL weekend – Lucialoo

Here’s my first post (as an author) on this blog ! My english is not that good (I’m french) so excuse me if I’m not very wordy ! This first FAL weekend was supposed to be a pillows weekend, but I didn’t manage to do the second one as I changed my mind concerning the fabric and I’ve got to wash it first !

Here’s what I did : a pink and violet pillow. The design is Hearts & Flowers by Carriage House Samplings.