Updating the Tutorial Links page

Apologies for leaving the blog unattended for so long … aside from a sudden burst of eventually writing and adding more tutorials to the blog, I’ve also been checking the various links on the Tutorial Links page and removing those that are no longer active links.  And in case you’re wondering, yes there are still more tutorials to come in the future, I’m just staggering them at the moment while I juggle general day living duties and also trying not to run out of tutorials too soon so there is nothing left to contribute! 🙂

I have to say it feels really disheartening that so many links are no longer active, and blogs themselves that have closed down.  I’m sorry to see some of my favourite tutorials now removed from public viewing, and am now kicking myself that I didn’t take more notice and take my own notes for future use.  All that expertise gone forever from the public domain.  And it makes me wonder what has happened in the past to make our fellow stitchers not want to participate in the online community anymore and remove the information.  Is it due to lack of comments and feedback?  Were they business blogs where the business has now been sold or folded along with the pages?  Have personal circumstances changed and they no longer have a stitching interest?

Just a little ponderance for myself for the evening while I’m culling the tutorial links list to what appears to be at least half the size it once was!  Very very sad, I think, when I realise the sheer volume of information that is no longer available … perhaps we all need to ensure we show our support of our fellow stitchers to help keep them motivated and keep the information alive?  It’s an interesting question, I think, and I truthfully don’t know the right answer!


Scissor Fobs Galore!

There are numerous ways to make up a stitched scissor fob, so over the next while I’m going to show a few different techniques to put fobs together.  Some will use cording for the ‘hanger’ while others will use ribbon, some will use stuffing while others will be flat, and some will be large while others will be tiny, some have side seams while others have seams down the back … hopefully you will enjoy the next few months while I try out some new finishing methods and share the results with you.

I also attempted to make a cord tutorial yesterday, which wasn’t greatly successful as I was trying to do it on my own … you know how difficult it can be to make cording itself with just one pair of hands, well adding the juggling of a camera at the same time gave it an entirely new challenge!  I’ll be visiting my parents over the next couple of weeks for a home visit, so I’ll try to rope my Mum into assisting me getting a clearer tutorial put together.

In the meantime I will shortly upload the first fob tutorial of the series – please feel free to ask questions if my instructions don’t make sense, or leave feedback if there is a particular type of finish you would like to see published.

Kindest wishes,

Back to the blog’s grass roots

I decided that Blogger was bad for my blood pressure when trying to upload photos, so back home I’ve returned to WordPress which I find cleaner and easier for posting … and the cuss words are a lot less than when trying to post in Blogger!

As part of the move back ‘home’ again, I have given the blog an updated facelift with a new header and background.  While it doesn’t have the diversity of choices that Blogger has (the main thing it has going for it), I think the new look will satisfy for the interim.

I’ve also been through and tidied up the Inspirations page – unfortunately many of our most inspiring stitchers have closed their stitching albums down or were hosted on Webshots which closed itself down … which means most of the links no longer worked.  I’ve deleted all the old links, and added a couple more that I thought would be of interest.  Those links are:

I’ve had a few tutorials in semi-complete form for almost a year now, but life got in the way over the last 12 months, what with some crazy working hours and some serious health issues with my Dad (and myself).  In November my office will be moving back closer to home again which will give me much more free time back once again, and hopefully that also means time for blogging once again, something I’ve missed doing.

In the meantime, if there are any tutorials you’d like to see prepared and published on the blog, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to arrange one for you.

Kind regards,

Sorry for the missing photos!

Really sorry that there are “Temporarily Unavailable” pictures everywhere on the blog … I forgot all my photos on here were hosted on Webshots which has just shut it’s doors … and I need to find the time to upload everything somewhere else and re-add them into the posts once again.

Unfortunately I’m also working 12-14 hour days every day at the moment, so I don’t have the energy at night to fix the pages up just yet.  I apologise for any inconvenience, but I’ll return to fix the blog as soon as I get some spare time, but that may be a couple of weeks away yet.


More tutorials added

More tutorial links added today:

  • Creative Poppy – lots of different tutorial links
  • The Floss Box – biscornu
  • The Floss Box – flat ornament
  • The Floss Box – pillow ornament
  • The Floss Box – bottle cap ornaments (these are seriously cute!!)
  • Simply CQ – lining a simple bag (example using a crazy quilt project but any needlework project would work as well)
  • Malinaplass (Webshots album) – Pincushion
  • Adventures in Thread (Jules) – Magnetic needle holder
  • Stitchin Fingers – Triangular boxes
  • Connie Eyberg Originals – tag
  • Creative Poppy (Barbara Ana Designs) – biscornu
  • Creative Poppy (Tam’s creations) – Fabric-backed biscornu (you need to click on the link on Creative Poppy’s main tutorial page on “How to make a biscornu – with contrasting material), as the link goes directly to a .pdf upload and I don’t want to enforce immediate uploads from the link)

New tutorials added

Sorry I’ve been “missing in action” for some considerable time.  Simply a case of some personal issues at home (and ongoing ill health), and moving to a new job that has eaten up most of my spare time.  I am hoping to rectify the situation soon and have been working on some new tutorials which I will finish soon and publish.  If you have any specific tutorials you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to arrange something 🙂

Since my last post I have also become aware of some “new-to-me” tutorials, which I will be adding to the Tutorial Links page.  The new ones are as follows: