Back in August Nicki had a pinkeep class.  Its taken me this long to finally get around to making my pinkeeps.  The class was a great help in doing it.

Full of Hope PinkeepThe first one I made was Full of Hope, Mary Kathryn’s first design.

Smalls setThe next pinkeep completed a set of smalls I made for my mother.

There was another  pinkeep, but its for an exchange!  Thank you for the wonderful class Nicki.

A Hug Will Do Pinkeep

This is my first attempt at a pinkeep finish, and my first time following one of the classes here – it won’t be the last time I do either, either :o)

I was very pleased at how the finished article came out – the picture isn’t very good because it’s a scan (my camera charger is missing!). In “real life” the edges are much more crisp!

I used cream dupion as the backing fabric, foamcore for the stiffening, a pale pink lace for the edging, and cream, pale green, silver and some more of the lace for the extravagant bow! I omitted the pins because I have a small niece who is fascinated by my basket of “smalls” – so maybe in eight or nine years I can finish this as intended!


My pin keep

Joy of My Heart Pinkeep

Here is my contribution to the weekend pinkeep class.  I finished Joy of My Heart, a design from Lori Birmingham.  I’m still not sure if the bow on the corner works but it’s only stuck in with a pin so of course I can change it.  🙂  Thanks Nicki so much of posting this lesson.  Mine turned out great.