mischief managed

Today I managed to finish two projects that have been sitting in my drawer for over a year. Yikes! Where does the time go, anyway? (All images are clickable for greater detail.)

First up is a design by The Sampler Girl. This is part of her former Saturday series and I stitched it for Niek for Valentine’s Day (2006!). I’ve finished it as a bag. Not that I can actually picture Niek using it – LOL! – but because the design lent itself so well to it. (Note that the rather bizarre color scheme is my choice, not what the design calls for.)

Then there is this sweet little freebie from The Prairie Schooler that I made for one of my aunts over two years ago. How embarassing is that? She’s a serious seamstress, so in addition to this being a pincushion it is also magnetic on the underside to quickly clear up any pin spills. I know whenever I pull my sewing machine out, I have to spill my pins at least once.

Thanks Karen and Anne for setting these FAL weekends up – I still have another half dozen small designs that need to be finish-finished, and maybe now there’s hope!

5 thoughts on “mischief managed

  1. They’re both great Barbara – congratulations! Glad you could join in this weekend 🙂

    Just curious – did you use a magnetic sheet or just a small magnet inside the pincushion? It’s a really good idea – I’m always spilling pins!

  2. I like both of your projects, but especially the pin cushion with the magnet underneath. What a great idea! I have never heard of something like that before. Does this mean I lead a very sheltered life???

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