Latest poll update

Here is the latest tally for favourite finishing techniques you’d like to see – I’ll probably close off the poll at the end of March, so if you haven’t voted yet pop on over to the separate blog and add your 2c worth and make sure your voice is heard 😀

 Take me to the polls now!


Lining a tin

39 votes
Mattress-style pincushion 36 votes
Stitcher’s bourse 33 votes
Needlebook (with needle pages) 32 votes
Emery strawberry 31 votes
Sewing pouch/purse 30 votes
Needlecase (for needle packets) 29 votes
Scissor case 28 votes
Lining a basket 27 votes
Covered book 26 votes
Pillows – flanged 26 votes
Flat-fold 25 votes
Tape measure cover 23 votes
Tassels 23 votes
Ornaments – pendibulle 22 votes
Tote bag 22 votes
Ornaments – humbug 21 votes
Tin topper 21 votes
Pillows – tuck 20 votes
Treat bag/sachet 18 votes
Cording 16 votes
Bellpull 15 votes
Scissor fob – beaded 15 votes
Biscornu 14 votes
Quilted wallhanging 14 votes
Needleroll 12 votes
Scissor fob – stitched 12 votes
Bookmarks 8 votes
Ornaments – other 


6 votes 

1 vote


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